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A short and sweet about of Global Child Prodigy Awards


  • When a Extraordinary Talented Kid gets Recognized and exposure at right age and right time in front of world it leads to make child as Change maker and a Global Influencer.
  • 100 Global Child Prodigy Award is a platform to celebrate a Kids Talent and Power in different categories such as Dancing, Music, Arts, Writing, Acting, Modelling, Science, Innovation, Sports etc.
  • 100 Global Child Prodigy Awards is to Recognize 100 Kids  Overall and Feature them in 100 Global Child Prodigy Award Book 2020.
  • The Awardees will also get honour to meet Eminent leaders and get global exposure. Also they will be part of other significant international events as speakers or influencers.


  • It is observed that only 3% (6 out of 210) Child Prodigies can take their talent to next level and become Successful in their domain. Global Child Prodigy Aims to Recognize Child Talents, Support them, provide them Global Exposure to excel in their respective domain.
  • To raise the level of the child’s natural talent into a successful asset through hard work and keen interest. GCP Awards will provide them platforms so that it helps them to be change makers and influencers.
  • To promulgate the “100 GLOBAL CHILD PRODIGIES AWARD 2020” Book featuring its awardees to the world at large. This Book will be distributed to all the Top Libraries of world. This Book will inspire millions of it’s Readers.
  • To create a unique mission and to imprint a strong impression of the prodigies rarity in the society. To Provide Right opportunities to Kids Talents at Right Time to make sure they Create impact in society.
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