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A short and sweet about of Global Child Prodigy Awards

What is Global Child Prodigy Awards?

GCP Awards is the world’s first and only child prodigy initiative that recognizes Top 100 Child Prodigies around the globe each year from various verticals. A platform for all kids up to age 15 to showcase their talent and uniqueness to the global audience and get recognized as Top 100 child prodigies, and they also get featured in Global Child Prodigy Annual Book every year. GCP Awards aims to acknowledge prodigies from various categories such as arts, music, dance, writing, modeling, acting, science, and sports, etc.provide them global exposure to excel in their respective domains.

What is Global Child Prodigy Awards?

To enhance the 3% success rate

It is observed that only 3% (6 out of 210) Child Prodigies can take their talent to the next level and become Successful in their domain. Global Child Prodigy Aims to Recognize each Talent, Support them, and provide them with Global Exposure to excel in their respective field.

To extend change making platforms for Kids

To elevate the level of the young natural talents and guide them into a successful future through hard work and keen interest. GCP Awards provides them with platforms so that it helps them to be change-makers and influencers.

To feature prodigies in the “100 GLOBAL CHILD PRODIGIES AWARD ” Book

To promulgate the “100 GLOBAL CHILD PRODIGIES AWARD 2020” book featuring its awardees to the world. This book will be distributed to all the Top Libraries of the world. This book will inspire millions of Readers.

To deliver the right opportunity to prodigies

To create a unique mission and to imprint a strong impression of the prodigies rarity in society. To Provide right opportunities to prodigies in time to make sure they create an impact.


Our Mission

To emphasize the natural ability of children who create rarity and showcase their uniqueness around the globe. Every child is special and unique in their own way. Each child holds an exceptional innate talent and can do wonders when given the proper guidance. Parental encouragement, school’s support, programs on talent development, and events on talent recognition can help in nurturing a child’s talent further.

Our Vision

Aims to give young talents the global exposure that they deserve and provide them with the right opportunities at the right time to ensure that they create a significant impact on society. Also, to support and encourage prodigies so that they nevermore get halted because of any hindrance in their journey.